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I went to Shinobi no Kuni fanscreening on 26.8.17. YESTERDAY! And it was great. Heaven...i really enjoyed the movie with my fellow arashians and SATOSHIans.

To all fans or non fans of Ohno Satoshi, you have to watch MUMON/ShinobiNoKuni. Please dont miss a good movie, with a superb acting of Ohno Satoshi and other casts. A great movie with a good message ( no spoiler😎, don't worry). Please Dont Miss The Chance😍

About Ohno Satoshi...no need to eloberate more....all i can say is i was amazed...mesmerized with his great acting...his fast and sharp movements, his great fighting skills...his emotions...everything from Mumon was SAIKOU!!!

Satomi, Suzuki, Iseya, Chinen... and all cast were awesome! Thanks to Yoshihiro Nakamura san for a good movie, Ryo Wada for a great ninja story.

I'm going again today... I already bought for another 3 different days ... AND I STILL THINK I NEED MORE. πŸ˜…

=Singing Tsunagu together after the movie ended with uchiwas and penlights were awesome!

( here are some pics of our fanscreening....with crazy arashians)


Jul. 5th, 2017 04:59 pm
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I just got my copy yeah!!!

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Just finished ARE YOU HAPPY?.
It's a beautiful and happy concert 😘 love it so much, Arashi san, ARIGATOU and otsukare πŸ’

All songs from this album are beautiful. The intro song is my fav ( ohchan voice 😎). And Miles Away 😭, it was so so perfect!!! I cried! Wonder Love, every movements for the dance is WAAOOUU. Seishun boogey intro wa mecha mecha kakkoiii!!!

Love all the solo songs:
Sunshine❀: happy song, he is super cute

Baby BlueπŸ’œ: so beautiful, nice one, MJ

Bad BoyπŸ’™: He is sexy and crazy, I laughed too much... from the start until the end!!!OMG!! love this man!!!

Mata Kyou To Onaji Asu Ga KuruπŸ’›: I'm really angry with the camera, a very beautiful dance from a beautiful man but couldn't enjoy it because he look so small ( in subtitles size)

AmoreπŸ’š: kyaaaaaa~~~~I screamed, laughed... and dance along!!! Saikouuuu!!! I love hyper Aibaby!!!

This is really a wonderful concert!!
❀ it! Believe in arashi, they will definitely make you happy with their songs!
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I'm so in LOVE!!!
Thank You ARASHI for always giving us the best concerts 😍
I really love the theme... "Japonism" really suits them 😘

They already killed me, how I'm going to watch AYH next 😱
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I have to say congratulations to the movie team for creating a wonderful movie page ever. This is so beautiful πŸ‘

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Come join us, minna
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Yeahhhhh~~~~ *claps* so, it's 31St of May. Our Are You Happy will release today! Hope the DVD will make a new record!!!

My copy... It's still in Japan, maybe will get in 3 days....I'm using EMS, I think I should try FedEx next time, expensive but worth it, faster than other service. Grab your copy too, minna~~


May. 16th, 2017 03:03 pm
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Dine place my order for arashi new single, Tsunagu!!!! How about you all, girls?
I think I'm gonna love this song... his sexy voice,omg πŸ’™

My Toshi~~

May. 14th, 2017 02:33 pm
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When you don't need a reason to fall in love with this cute man 😘

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Yatta! Finally we can watch Japonism Arena!!!!i was getting old waiting for this DvD haha!!! And waouuu.....it's coming together with ARE YOU HAPPY!!!

On 31St May 2017πŸ’™

Yokatta, I was able to place order for the bundle set! Too expensive.... Over RM650 including shipping... But for Arashi, I'm willing to sacrifice my money...because they are my HAPPINESS (singing 🎢 hashiridase)

Im so so so excited now...

I can't wait to watch those concerts!!!

My No1 is Disco Star with arashi backdancers....that going to be hell sexy!!! ( Arena)

Miles Away (AYH)
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Look at our 3 kakkoi newscasters from NTV!!! They gonna host this year 24hrTV! !! Gambarre caster no minna sama!!
Ah~ Let's see the rating for this year... Hope it's high ne, our 3 sexy idols join forces to entertain us for 24 hours!!!
Can't wait to watch it 😎

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Ahh~~~ already a year desu ne...
I'm missing sachou so much!!!! This drama is really a great drama ne...huummm, I love how the male character struggling to make the heroine fall in love with him. And ohchan played the character very well! Thumbs up for our sachou!

I hope there will be a drama SP for Sekamuzu!

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For ohno san ne, he is so good and that make it so hard for me to choose his best song. His angel like voice, neat and beautiful dance movements always make me speechless... All his solo songs are perfect!!!

But, if I ever have to choose one...this song will be my choice!!! I love this song so much. I don't know why but this song really touched my heart, how-to say...hmmm....this song have a magic touch in it...and when he performed it in stage...OMG!!!!

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From tomorrow,starting second week without ARASHI DISCOVERY... Without his cute energetic voice in the morning, I feel so downπŸ˜”. Miss you satoshi
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Ne minna...it's already April and we still don't hear any official info about our Arena DVD. I hope to see it soon, very soon.
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iyaaaa...the feeling when you have to create another fangirling community, just in case anything happen to LJ~ im still new in DW, so yoroshiku~


Aug. 27th, 2016 08:00 pm
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Oh My God! The JAPONISM concert is so beautiful!!! 120% japonism feels!!! All songs are so beautiful! Masquerade dance really has the 80s vibe! ( thanks Ohno san). All solos are perfect!!! Nino and his playful side in his solo, Jun's solo is full of action stunts!!! Aiba chan... So energetic, so funny. Sho kun... Sugoiii... How you practice with the drum, Sho kun... Look so difficult! Ohno san... Beautiful ~~ the dance really fit for akatsuki! Your voice ne...like usual kills me ( you really give me a ninja feels)~ watching Jun and Aibachan, I can't stop worrying...their solos are so dangerous, jumping and hanging in the air...!!!

Bolero mecha mecha iii... Japonesque, In The Room.. Kyaaa πŸ’

Japonism concert...less of ohmiya, but more sakumiya and matsumiya!!! Ah... sakuraiba and juntoshi too~

Otsukaresama deshita Arashi san πŸ’™πŸ’—πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ, dancers and juniors, and all!!

If non-Arashian watch this concert, they surely will fall in love with Ninomiya Kazunari!! Gosh....he look so energetic!!! His voice...kyaaa!!!! His screaming part was saikouu~~~ ( don't worry...I'm still OHNO's wife)

* I'm screaming when Jun went to their senpai/ kouhai seats!!!

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